We are constantly testing new ideas to provide the most comprehensive care and best outcomes for our patients.

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Hypertension Research

Patients sometimes exhibit "white coat hypertension," a temporary rise in blood pressure when measured by clinic medical staff. It's been shown that blood pressure can be more accurately measured at home, but few insurance plans cover the cost of home blood pressure monitors. In response, DotHouse Health offers "loaner" blood pressure monitors to patients. Patients receive a one-to-one training session and record blood pressure readings over several days, followed by education and appropriate follow-up.


Meeting Dental Needs of Children

According to the Better Oral Health for Massachusetts Coalition, minorities and children in lower-income areas of the state like Dorchester are less likely to receive oral health care, and they experience greater rates of dental decay. That's why we were so gratified to receive a grant from HRSA to improve oral health access. Under the leadership of our dental director, Dr. Michelle Vo, DotHouse Health has implemented an integrated dental program for youth and adolescents, combining efforts between our Dental, Pediatrics and Family Medicine teams. By embedding a dental hygienist within our pediatric practice, we've been able to provide a variety of dental services in a setting that is familiar to patients and have experienced a total of 438 new dental patients since June 2016.


Expanding & Strengthening Substance Abuse Programs

Like so many communities in our nation, ours is facing a crisis of opioid addiction. Supported by a grant from the federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and led by Dr. Rachel King, DotHouse Health has established a multidisciplinary nurse-led Office-Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) model, which offers quick-start treatment with buprenorphine and integrates medical and behavioral care. 


Supporting Dorchester's Youth

Building on our twelve-year history of providing young people ages 12-18 with comprehensive programming around college and careers, healthy relationships, nutrition and fitness, life skills and more, we’ve evolved our violence and addiction prevention programming to address a pressing need in our community. Sonia Erlich, one of our Behavioral Health clinicians, has partnered with our Youth Development Specialists and Teen Center staff on a curriculum that incorporates mindfulness, yoga and conflict resolution skills.